How Do I Become an Event Promoter?

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To become an event promoter, you will need to develop strong logistics and business management skills, along with a good social and professional network. In addition, it is important that you understand the industries and genres in which you promote events so as to understand what types of events and performers are likely to appeal to your targeted market. While formal education and training in business and marketing may be of some use, you are more likely to become successful in event promotion by working in the event or entertainment industry and developing an understanding of how successful events operate.

An event promoter conceives of events such as concerts, sporting events, and other types of public entertainment or amusement. In some cases, the promoter directly finances the event, though in other cases he may have outside investors who put up their own money in hopes of turning a profit. The promoter is generally responsible for securing a venue, obtaining appropriate licenses, and issuing contracts to the performers or athletes who are featured in the event. Depending on the venue, the promoter may also be responsible for hiring and managing support staff such as ticket takers and security. Finally, the promoter must market the event by taking advantage of various sources of free and paid advertising and publicity.


Promoting events is challenging and risky work. Even with the best planned event, outside factors such as weather, lack of cooperation from performers, or a problem with an event venue can cancel shows at the last minute. When this happens, the promoter may be held responsible for any financial shortfall. Before you decide to become an event promoter, you should strongly consider your financial position and perhaps even speak to a lawyer about drafting contracts who can protect you from liability when you run into problems with events.

If you think that you would like to become an event promoter, you may wish to get a job in the entertainment industry or working in a venue that often hosts events. For example, you may decide to become part of the road crew for a band or work at a venue as a stagehand. Waiting tables or tending a bar can also make you aware of what is necessary to prepare for events and to meet customer needs. Jobs in catering or in the hospitality industry can also be very useful. One advantage to working even low-paid jobs in the entertainment, food service, or hospitality industries is that you can make good contacts that you can tap later on after you become an event promoter yourself.


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