How Do I Become an Endoscopy Technician?

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Interested individuals can become an endoscopy technician through a few different avenues. Education is one way to get your foot in the door, while on-the-job training is offered in many environments as well. Having experience in the medical field is not always required to become an endoscopy technician, but is looked upon highly during the application process. Endoscopy technicians work in a clinical or hospital setting to help prepare rooms for procedures, assist during procedures and to clean up afterwards, which requires a meticulous personality to be successful.

Education to become an endoscopy technician is available at many community and technical colleges that have medical programs. The programs vary in length from four weeks to one year depending on the type of certifications being sought. In order to be accepted, it is necessary to have a high school diploma, pass a criminal background check and be certified in basic life support (BLS). Many schools prefer applicants who have previous medical experience, but this is not necessary for acceptance.


Another option to become an endoscopy technician is to join an on-the-job training program. Many hospitals and clinics will hire individuals for endoscopy technician positions without education in the area if they are willing to undergo training. Look for job openings at area hospitals and clinics in your area, and inquire about on-the-job training programs. Hospitals and clinics usually require that an individual has a high school diploma, a clean background check and some knowledge of the medical field to be hired.

For education and on-the-job training, it is important to have some experience in the medical field. This occurs through volunteering or working at a hospital or clinic job. If you want to become an endoscopy technician, you should consider working or volunteering in the medical field to help your application be more competitive. It is easy to find volunteer opportunities, and usually people as young as 16 will be accepted to work in certain positions.

Endoscopy technicians are responsible for getting rooms ready for surgery and other procedures. This means they need to have a knowledge of medical instruments and a good eye for details. An interest in surgical procedures is important, as you will often be in the room during procedures to prepare instruments. Equipment has to be sterilized in order to make rooms safe for patients, so it is important to be a person who is meticulous with cleaning habits.


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