How Do I Become an Emergency Services Director?

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Any person seeking to become an emergency services director must meet certain minimum criteria to be eligible for the position. Most emergency services director positions require a candidate to have obtained at least a four-year degree at a college or university. The candidate for the position should also have actual, hands-on experience in emergency services. He or she must also have demonstrated leadership and management skills.

The required four-year degree should be in a field related to emergency services, such as medical services, environmental science or medical administration. Many colleges and universities offer specific degrees in emergency management. Online degrees in emergency services are also popular and can be used as primary degrees or to supplement a college degree earned in an unrelated field. In some instances, to qualify as an emergency services director, a candidate might need to have obtained a master’s degree in emergency management or a related field.


In addition to the minimum bachelor’s degree, anyone seeking to become an emergency services director should have a solid practical background in emergency services. It is rare for a person who has little or no experience in emergency services to be hired as an emergency services director. For the most part, it is expected that a candidate for a director’s position will have worked his or her way up through the ranks of emergency service. The amount of experience needed will vary from company to company, but a person must demonstrate a firm grasp of the duties and responsibilities of emergency service personal to be as qualified as a director.

Aside from a college degree and practical experience, a person seeking to become an emergency services director must have the skills necessary to succeed in that position. Those skills include demonstrated leadership ability, good communication skills and excellent problem-solving capabilities. Depending on the particular position, a candidate might also be required to demonstrate computer proficiency, a keen sense of organization and administrative prowess.

Certain organizations or institutions might impose further requirements for a candidate who is seeking to become an emergency services director. For instance, a particular hospital or institution might require a candidate to obtain additional certification or training beyond a college degree. In that instance, the organization or institution usually will provide information as to how the necessary certification or training can be obtained. Consequently, any candidate seeking a position as an emergency services director should research the specific requirements of the particular position he or she desires.


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