How do I Become an Electrician's Apprentice?

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An electrician apprenticeship can provide effective training for a person who wants to become an electrician. Apprenticeship programs typically include not only classroom instruction, but also on-the-job training. This combination approach to training may help produce highly-qualified electricians. If you want to become an electrician’s apprentice, you'll typically need to search for and apply to apprenticeship programs in your area. Often, contractor’s associations and electrical workers’ unions offer these programs and provide a clear-cut process for becoming an electrician’s apprentice.

The requirements you’ll need to meet to become an electrician’s apprentice may depend on the program in which you hope to enroll. In most cases, however, these programs require applicants to be at least 18 years old. They may also require applicants to have high school diplomas or general educational development (GED) credentials. While in high school, it is usually important to develop good math skills, especially in advanced math subjects such as algebra as well as written and verbal communication skills that may help you in this career.


In addition to a high school diploma or GED, some apprenticeship programs may have other requirements you will have to meet to become an electrician's apprentice. You may have to submit to drug testing and a background check for example. You may also have to take an aptitude test, which assesses your skills with basics such as reading and math, in order to become an electrician’s apprentice. In such a case, your score will be considered in evaluating your admission request. Some apprenticeship programs include an interview as apart of the process as well.

As part of fulfilling the application requirements for an apprenticeship program, you will usually have to provide documentation of your eligibility. In addition to completing application forms and paperwork, you may have to show ID and provide official transcripts from your high school. If you earned a GED instead of completing high school, you’ll typically have to provide proof of this credential instead.

The interview process you may have to complete to become an electrician's apprentice may be similar to what you might expect if you were going to a job interview. You may have to answer questions about your goals for the future, your background, and any qualifications you currently have. You may also have an opportunity to ask a few question of your own at an apprenticeship interview and learn a little more about the program.


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