How Do I Become an Electrical Supervisor?

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You can become an electrical supervisor through a combination of education, training and experience in the field. Since electrical supervisors watch over the work of others, it is necessary that they have a strong grasp on the work and skills necessary to do the job. Other personality characteristics are also required such as the ability to lead others, good communication skills and time management. Licensure is required in certain states, but this might vary from one place to another.

It is necessary to have a high school diploma to become an electrical supervisor. Beyond that, an apprenticeship program is needed to become an electrician, which usually lasts for four years. Once the apprenticeship is completed, on-the-job training is required, plus a certain amount of supervisory work experience. An electrical engineer can also become an electrical supervisor, which requires at least a four-year undergraduate degree in electrical engineering. Graduate school in electrical engineering provides an edge when getting hired for these positions, but is not always necessary.


Skills necessary to become an electrical supervisor include an extensive knowledge of tools and equipment used by electricians as well as an understanding of electrical codes and standards. An electrical supervisor needs to know how to perform the work himself in case problems arise with the people being supervised. Experience solves this problem for most electrical supervisors, as it is necessary that work in the field for a number of years before moving into a supervisory role within an organization. Continuing education is also important throughout the career path in order to stay up-to-date with the latest techniques and equipment to do the job.

Good communication skills are a requirement to become an electrical supervisor. The supervisor needs to be able to communicate with employees and management both verbally and in a written manner. Leadership skills, including creating a positive atmosphere, motivating others and handling conflict, are also extremely helpful skills to have. A desire to be in a leadership role is also important because the job has more responsibility than other positions within the field.

In some states, licensure is needed to become an electrical supervisor. Individuals can check with the professional licensing department of their area government to find out the specific qualifications necessary. Organizations will often help individuals obtain licensure so that they can operate legally within the company. Licensure often includes a certain number of on-the-job hours as well as meeting educational requirements.


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