How Do I Become an Electrical Project Manager?

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An electrical project manager is an experienced and knowledgeable electrical specialist who oversees processes required to complete time-sensitive goals. To become an electrical project manager, it is essential that you have a strong background in electrical engineering. The path you choose to take depends largely on how competitive a local job market is and what professional opportunities are available to you. For example, a person who finds that there are electrician positions available to him or her directly after college will not need to pursue a postgraduate degree immediately. In more competitive job markets, however, a great deal of formal academic training might be necessary even for consideration for an entry level position.

A person who wants to become an electrical project manager might work for an electrical firm. When a business needs to embark on a project that requires significant electrical work, managers can contact an electrical service for project managers and technicians who can accomplish set goals. A manufacturing business, on the other hand, might have in-house electrical engineers. In these cases, an electrical project manager might be a senior electrician trusted to oversee specific operations.


Aside from having a strong background in electrical engineering, a person who wants to become an electrical project manager should also get some business management and leadership training. One method for gaining this kind of training and related credentials is to choose a double major or dual concentration in business and engineering. You could also concentrate in electrical engineering, which will allow you to learn the necessary practices and principles, and take courses in business management without earning a degree in business.

Regardless of the path you take to become an electrical project manager, you should plan on getting many years of experience. Your goal should be to prove to your employers that you are a proficient electrical engineer. It also is important that you prove yourself a reliable and efficient worker who is capable of leading a team of electrical technicians.

Individuals who are interested in working for companies that perform electrical work for other businesses should start off as technicians and work their way up to management positions. If you would like to become an electrical project manager in one particular company or industry, you also should learn about the regular operations of that industry. For example, if you are interested in performing electrical work in the construction industry, you should earn necessary certification that shows you are familiar with building regulations, codes, and practices.


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