How do I Become an Elections Supervisor?

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The process to become an elections supervisor varies slightly between different countries. Usually, the overall process is comprised of four primary tasks: application, background check, age and language skills check, and confirmation of supervisory experience. An elections supervisor typically is responsible for the management of a local elections center. He or she trains and supervises staff, assists in the set-up and integrity of the election equipment, and ensures the integrity of the elections system.

A first step usually required to become an elections supervisor is to apply for the position. These positions are temporary in nature and usually last for no more than three weeks. The hours are usually quite long, and often include weekend and evening shifts. A position description typically is posted in local newspapers or on job-listing Websites two or three months prior to the election date. The hourly rate for this position varies, but often is much higher than a comparable position due to the short-term nature and long hours required.


Most application forms are quite detailed and include a section requesting permission for a background check, which typically includes a criminal records and driving records check. The purpose of these steps is to ensure that the elections process is not subject to undue influence from known criminals. In addition, people who want to become an elections supervisor must be prepared to sign a confidentiality agreement. In this position, he or she will have access to personal information, such as addresses, names, and ages. Violation of this agreement could result in criminal prosecution.

In order to become an elections supervisor, you must be able to legally vote. The actual details vary by location, but this usually includes being over the age of maturity and holding voting rights in the election you are supervising. Written and oral communication skills in at least one of the official languages is necessary to ensure that all voters can communicate with someone should they require assistance during the voting process.

Most agencies expect people who want to become an elections supervisor to have previous supervisory experience. The type of experience can vary, but can include supervising of one or two staff to a large number of people. This experience usually can be obtained through employment or volunteering opportunities. During the interview process, he or she may be expected to provide examples of how they would respond to a variety of scenarios. The purpose of these questions is to determine the level of supervisory skill.


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