How Do I Become an Early Riser?

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Becoming an early riser may seem difficult for someone who is not typically a morning person. Sleeping habits are as solid as any kind of habit but can be replaced over time. Choosing to wake up early on a consistent basis is challenging for most people because it requires a change in the biological circadian rhythm, which is present in all living organisms. Early risers need to plan their time accordingly and know what time to get up, what activities will be accomplished during that time, and engage in activities upon waking. There are several other tips for making oneself an early riser, and each strategy must be accomplished on a consistent basis to work.

One method of turning into an early riser is to find a reason to do so. Having more time in the day to get things done is a legitimate reason, which contributes to greater productivity and even overall success in the long run. It can also build self esteem to get up early and change habits, so this can be a goal as well. Someone who intends to get up early should also choose when he or she is going to wake up in the morning, before going to sleep. It will probably be easier since the mental preparation conditions one to get up when the alarm clock goes off or the time arrives to get up.


As the habit of being an early riser is developing, one should keep a record of the time awoken each day. The strategy of changing habits is further engrained. It is also important to have a plan of activity for the extra hours awake, such as exercise, reading, or writing. Physical exercise awakens the body quickly after sleep and also takes the mind off of going back to bed as well. A structured plan helps prevent one from slipping back to old habits and reinforces the new one.

Positive reinforcement can also be helpful for developing an early riser habit. By setting milestones such as a week of rising early, a person building their habit can purchase something enjoyable as a reward for the accomplishment. Healthy eating and having favorite personal music to hear when awaking meet the physical and mental needs of maintaining an early riser habit. No matter which strategy or combination of methods a person uses, he or she will likely need a few days to adjust to an early riser sleep pattern, and to resist urges to sleep in on certain days along the way.


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