How Do I Become an Auto Electrician?

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An auto electrician will install, repair, maintain, and diagnose all electrical systems in a car, truck, or other vehicle. In order to become an auto electrician, you will need to complete a high school education as well as a post-secondary certificate or even a degree program. Electrical systems in automobiles can be complex, so you will need to develop patience and an ability to follow logical steps to diagnose problems. Be prepared to be on your feet for long periods of time as well. It is wise to research which certifications are necessary in your area to become an auto electrician.

While in high school, you can prepare to become an auto electrician by paying close attention to math and science courses. If automotive courses are offered in your high school, enroll in the classes to get mechanical experience. Once you graduate from high school, the next step to become an auto electrician is to enroll in a degree or certificate program that will teach you the skills necessary to be successful on the job. The duration of such training can vary, but you can expect to spend a year or more learning these skills. Research tuition and enrollment fees to ensure you can afford the training that will help you become an auto electrician.


Once you complete the training and are certified to become an auto electrician, you will probably have to take part in an apprenticeship program or internship. In some cases, the school you attend may set up an internship to give you the job training you need, while in other cases, you will need to seek out an apprenticeship on your own. You can apply at automobile manufacturers, repair facilities, or independent garages. Expect to be an apprentice for an extended period of time; you will not make as much money as a full-time auto electrician, but you will have the opportunity to develop your skills and knowledge of electrical systems.

After completion of your apprenticeship, you may be able to become an auto electrician with the company you were apprenticing for. To improve your chances, you should work hard and exhibit a good work ethic during your apprenticeship and develop good relationships with managers and coworkers. Sometimes full-time positions will not be available within the company, and you will need to seek employment elsewhere. Developing good relationships during your apprenticeship is even more important in this situation, as you will need letters of recommendation from current managers or employers.


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