How do I Become an Assistant Cashier?

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Cashiers and their assistants operate cash registers, make sales, package items, and print receipts in retail stores, restaurants, and other settings. Many employers hire assistant cashiers who are have little or no previous work experience or education, and the position attracts many high school and college students, retired individuals, and people returning to the workforce after a long break. An individual who wants to become an assistant cashier must usually overcome strong competition by showing employers that he or she has the skills necessary to do a good job. A prospective worker should master his or her math and communications skills in school or through personal study. Employers often prefer applicants with cash handling and customer service experience, which can be attained by volunteering at school fundraisers or community events.

An assistant cashier is usually required to count and handle significant amounts of money each day, as well as make conversation with customers. A person who wants to become an assistant cashier can improve his or her math and speaking skills by taking classes or studying textbooks on the subjects. Basic math courses prepare workers by teaching them how to count money quickly, make change, and calculate percentages. Public speaking and communications classes allow students to become more comfortable talking with others and following directions.


It is important for an individual who wants to become an assistant cashier to gain practical experience dealing with customers and handling cash. Volunteer work is an excellent way for people to gain essential skills. Many prospective workers choose to volunteer at school sports events and dances, collecting money for tickets and concessions. Community events, such as dinners, parades, and festivals, often seek volunteers to help direct visitors and accept donations. Many employers highly value volunteer experience on an assistant cashier resume or application.

To stand out amongst a pool of applicants and become an assistant cashier, a qualified individual must demonstrate his or her skills in a job interview. A hopeful worker should dress appropriately, be clean and well-groomed, and prepare for potential interview questions in advance. During the interview, he or she should speak clearly, answer questions honestly, and be prepared to demonstrate money counting and speaking skills.

After a person is able to become an assistant cashier, demonstrate a strong work ethic, and develop additional skills, advancement possibilities usually follow. Many people are able to become lead cashiers or even managers of entire departments. With enough experience and continuing education, many individuals who begin working as assistant cashiers become very successful career businesspeople.


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