How Do I Become an Artificial Intelligence Programmer?

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To become an artificial intelligence programmer you should have a very strong background in computer science and programming, with a focus on artificial intelligence (AI) programs and methodologies. You should consider attending a college or university with a program in computer science, especially one that can provide you with extensive experience in software programming. Once you complete a bachelor’s degree, consider further education with a focus on AI programming, though this is not always required. You can then look for opportunities to work as a programmer in the private sector or while performing research on artificial intelligence at a college or university.

If you want to become an artificial intelligence programmer, you should typically begin by considering the type of education you need. Much like other types of software programmers, many people who work in artificial intelligence have an extensive educational background in computer science and software programming. While you may be able to gain a great deal of knowledge from individual inquiry and study outside of a college or university, it can often be easier to learn what you need to know in a classroom environment. You might also find it easier to get into the field with an actual degree rather than just your own training or practice.


A bachelor’s degree may be sufficient in some settings, though you should consider pursuing a postgraduate degree. This type of education allows you to focus more on AI programming in particular, rather than the general programming and software courses that are typically part of a bachelor’s degree. Such courses can expose you to new ideas and actual methods used in developing AI software. You should also consider pursuing a doctorate if you are interested in working as a professor.

Once you have the education you need to become an artificial intelligence programmer, then you can begin looking for professional opportunities as a programmer. You should look for software companies working on different AI systems, as well as computer and hardware developers who may need AI programs as firmware for devices. There are also opportunities in other fields, such as computer game development, in which AI is used to create more intelligent characters. If you are interested in pursuing research opportunities, then you might consider teaching at a college or university that allows you to perform research in developing AI systems while instructing others in computer science and programming.


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