How do I Become an Art Buyer?

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An art buyer or art dealer is an excellent occupation for people who enjoy creativity and can appreciate the work of others. Many people choose to become art buyers because they are passionate about art. Art buyers are well acquainted with various styles and types of art and may even specialize in a certain period of art. For example, an art buyer may specialize in eighteenth and nineteenth century paintings.

Art buyers must be connoisseurs of art. They must understand the value of various pieces of art and be able to decipher whether or not an art piece is authentic. To become an art buyer, individuals must have a good eye.

Education is also important to becoming an art buyer. An ideal degree is in museum studies. It is best to study at a university that has a collection or museum attached to it. This can help a person increase their practical experience and academic background in the arts.

Art buyers must also have highly evolved customer service skills. Most art buyers work for private collectors and sellers with distinguished taste. The art buyer must be able to please individuals who have very discriminating taste. To become an art buyer, a person must be able to build contacts and network with artists while simultaneously establishing connections with collectors and museums.


Art buyers are also encouraged to spend as much time as possible wandering around galleries, country houses, and museums. They can also gain experience by examining first-class pictures of revered artists’ works. Individuals must be willing to frequent art events. Attending auctions as an art buyer is mandatory.

An art buyer must also be able to anticipate trends in art and understand the potential of new and emerging artists. The ability to anticipate changes in value and taste is essential to become an art buyer. This can be tricky because art markets are notorious for being volatile.

Prospective art buyers should have a passion for objects and a fascination with the artists who create the objects. They should also be able to communicate how a piece was made, and the meaning behind the artwork when deciding to purchase or sell a piece. Art buyers can work for private clients, corporations or institutions such as educational facilities or museums. They act as the art purchasing representative for the client when they become an art buyer.


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