How Do I Become an Army Firefighter?

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To become an Army firefighter, you must first enlist in the Army. This entails speaking with a recruitment officer, taking a placement test and passing a physical fitness test. You will also be required to request the firefighter occupation when completing the initial enlistment paperwork. You will then be required to complete basic training and the advanced individual training (AIT) in order for you to become an Army firefighter. Once you begin the firefighter training component of your military training, you will be required to pass several physical fitness, strength and agility tests if you are to become an Army firefighter.

The typical first step in any military career is to speak with a recruitment officer. This recruiter will tell you of the options, benefits and requirements in joining the military. Once you have decided to join the Army, your next step is to choose a military occupation specialty (MOS). Based on the occupancy status of the field you choose, you may be able to become an Army firefighter. The next step in the process is to actually be inducted into the Army. A battery of skills tests must be passed in order to advance on to basic training.


You will be required to complete a basic training course before you can become an Army firefighter. The training you receive in basic will build your physical fitness, teach you about military life and prepare you to enter the next phase of your training. No matter your accepted vocation, the first job of all Army soldiers is to become a fighting soldier. You will be required to master the small arms marksmanship requirements and learn military procedure and protocol by becoming a dependable and effective member of the fighting forces. Completion of all of the requirements of basic training will allow you to advance into the next step of training that will allow you to become an Army firefighter.

In firefighting school, you will be taught about the many different types of fires and the correct manner in which to fight and extinguish them. Using both water and chemical agents, you will be educated in methods of safely entering a burning building, administering first-aid and performing equipment maintenance. As you advance in your quest to become an Army firefighter, you will learn how to attack a fire as a component of a firefighting force and become capable of fighting nearly any type of fire.


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