How Do I Become an Apprentice Baker?

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You can become an apprentice baker by seeking out an experienced pastry specialist who trains and sponsors apprentices on a regular basis. Depending on the local practices of different regions, you may or may not need prior experience in baking. Some bakery apprenticeships require completion of a post-secondary school culinary program with an emphasis in pastry. Other types of baker's apprentices only need a desire to work hard and learn the craft from the very beginning. One of the best ways to become an apprentice baker is to speak with local bakers about possibilities for apprenticeships that may be the best fits for you.

Many bakers who sponsor apprentices are willing to take the time to give informational interviews about their approaches to teaching this trade and their expectations for their bakery apprentices. If you are enrolled in a culinary school program, your pastry instructors and school career advisers can be excellent sources of contact information for these types of mentors. Once you have a list of possible apprenticeships, the next step is to arrange a face-to-face meeting with each baker who is accepting apprenticeship applications. This meeting is best scheduled at a time when each baker's pastry shop is not busy.


You typically need to submit a resume or application form to become an apprentice baker. A current transcript from your culinary school may also be required if you are applying for this type of baker's apprenticeship. If you are applying for an apprenticeship without the pastry school prerequisite, list any relevant past work experience on your application and resume. Prior experience in the food industry or in customer service is usually a plus for your goal to become an apprentice baker.

Experienced bakers often like to interview aspiring apprentices as well. Impressions usually count a great deal in this part of the process, and you generally have a good chance to become an apprentice baker if you have enthusiasm for the pastry industry and express a willingness to work hard. You also want to ensure that you are able to fulfill the required work hours for an offered apprenticeship before accepting it. Many bakery apprenticeships have a minimum age requirement of 18, although a few will allow you to become an apprentice baker if you are at least 16 years old. This kind of baker's apprenticeship usually requires some additional paperwork such as a work permit and parent or guardian consent.


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