How do I Become an Appliance Repairman?

Carol Francois

There are four steps required to become an appliance repairman: post-secondary training, related work experience, applying for a position, and completing the job interview process. An appliance repairman is responsible for inspecting, evaluating, and repairing a range of appliances. The term appliance refers to machines that use electricity to provide a convenient service inside the home. An example of an appliance is a refrigerator.

Appliance repairmen may work on a variety of machines, including washing machines.
Appliance repairmen may work on a variety of machines, including washing machines.

People who are mechanically inclined, skilled at working with tools and enjoy working with their hands report the greatest satisfaction with this career. Many states have guidelines about who can be asked to repair specific types of appliances, specifically restricting certain tasks to different skilled trades. An appliance repairman can find employment opportunities working for a large appliance manufacturing firm, in the service department, as part of an appliance repair firm, or can open his own repair business.

Microwaves may be worked on by an appliance repairman.
Microwaves may be worked on by an appliance repairman.

Post-secondary training is recommended to become an appliance repairman. Appliance repair training programs are available from a wide range of community and career colleges. There are two options to become a repairman: a 12- to 18-month college program or learning on the job. There is no licensing requirement to work in this field. However, employers prefer to hire staff who are already trained.

Related work experience to become an appliance repairman includes working as a small engine repair technician or in facilities maintenance and equipment repair. All these positions require the use of tools, manual dexterity, and problem-solving skills. Customer service representative positions develop social interaction, communication, and conflict resolution skills, all of which are required for this role.

When applying for a position to become an appliance repairman, review your resume with care. Academic credentials are important, but focusing on experience related to the position is best. Provide references who can speak about your repair skills. Appliance repairman is a job that requires a physical strength and flexibility.

During the job interview process, take the time to prepare for the interview. Think of a list of standard interview questions and prepare your answers in advance. Some employers will have a short test of your plumbing skills, as part of the interview process.

Career advancement opportunities for an appliance repairman are rather limited. Most candidates build on their knowledge and experience, and eventually open their own repair business. Others enjoy the freedom of working for someone else, and become specialists in specific aspects or appliance. This may include focusing on a specific section or industry.

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@titans62 - I'm sure classes in math and physics would help. I know when I was in high school we had several vocational classes that covered things like small engines and plumbing.

I have a friend who owns his own electrician service now, and that's how he got his start, so the same could go for you.

Good luck in your quest!


I'm almost a sophomore in high school and have some experience with small engines. I've thought about going to a tech school for appliance repair, because it just seems like a really stable industry, especially if you do it on a local scale. I'm pretty good with my hands, and I can sort of "get" how something works just by looking at it, so I think this could work for me.

Are there any classes I can take in high school that will help me later?

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