How do I Become an Andrologist?

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Andrology is the study of men's health. If you want to become an andrologist, there are many steps you must take in order to gain the proper education, develop the necessary skills and find a job in the field of andrology. These doctors are experts in male reproductive health and endure many years of training to achieve this position. They perform a variety of tests and examinations to help problems ranging from cancer to erectile dysfunction. Many andrologists find specialties within the field in order to further their career.

To become an andrologist, you first must focus your attention on education. An andrologist is required to have four years of medical school training along with four years of residency, normally focusing on male reproductive work. During this time, you will get a general understanding of the medical profession through classroom training and more specialized experienced in the field during the residency. After this training, you will be able to perform the duties of an andrologist.


When you become an andrologist, your duties will be focused on men's health, but they include a wide range of jobs. Medical examinations will be the bulk of your work, such as looking at men who are concerned about impotence, infertility and reproductive cancer. You must use visual clues and listen to the patient's complaints to form an opinion. Based on your findings, you will be able to recommend a method of treatment for a patient's ailment, such as prescription drugs, surgery or therapy.

In order to perform these tasks, there are a specific set of skills you must have before you become an andrologist. You must have excellent attention to detail because the human body often provides very small clues that show bigger problems. You must have a passion for research, because new studies and techniques are constantly evolving, allowing you to make a better diagnosis. You also must have excellent communication skills in order to talk with patients about problems, describe possible treatments and get consultations from other doctors who have information that could be crucial.

After you have mastered the skills and duties needed to become an andrologist, you have many options for a career. Most andrologists choose to specialize in a particular part of the reproductive system. For example, you could be strictly a fertility doctor, a male reproductive endocrinology doctor, an erectile dysfunction specialist or a sperm preservationist. These jobs are all important pieces to a puzzle that helps make men's reproduction healthier.


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I had never heard of this field before! I mean, I am a woman, but I enjoy reading about health topics and health magazines and I can't say that I have ever seen a comment from or a question presented to an expert in andrology.

I think this is a great field; however, especially being around multiple people right now who are pregnant or wanting to be pregnant. If there was an issue with a male's reproductive system, I'm sure it would be nice to have an effective specialist to talk to.

I will now have to start looking for comments from andrologists in my health magazines!

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