How do I Become an Android Programmer?

Troy Holmes

Over the last few years smart phones have become an important tool for many individuals. These phones provide a high level interaction between the user and programs on the Internet. Android® software is the computer software that is used by Android®-based smart phones. To become an Android® programmer an individual needs to learn the Android® programming language. This computer software is freely available for download from the Internet.

Android logo.
Android logo.

An individual who desires to become an Android® programmer will need to learn the Java™ software development language. The Android® tool set uses most of the software found in the Java™ SE software language. In addition, the programmer will need to use the free Android® software developer kit (SDK). This SDK includes the necessary features that make the Java™ software work with the Android®-based phones.

Woman using an Android™ phone.
Woman using an Android™ phone.

The Android® mobile operating system is a modified Linux operating system. This operating system is the underlying system of the Android® smart phone. It is currently managed by the Open Handset Alliance, which is a consortium of 65 firms working on open standards for mobile devices. If someone wants to become an Android® programmer he should understand Linux and basic operating systems for mobile devices.

Because Android® smart phones are based on open standards, it is easier to become an Android® programmer because information is freely available on the Internet. Many developer forums are available that enable the sharing of tricks of the trade in this environment. The Android®-based smart phones have grown in popularity, which makes it easier to find relevant information on how to write code for the smart phone.

There are also training classes available for anyone interested in becoming an Android® programmer. These classes range from three to five days in duration, with full instructional training. The class is designed to teach the programmer the basics of the Android® platform with the understanding that additional self-taught training will be required.

Self-paced training is another method of training. To become an Android® programmer, an individual needs to be motivated to learn something new. He can easily find basic and intermediate books and training aids in most book stores. He can take this information and use his own Android®-based phone to test the newly developed software. This gives him the flexibility of learning at his own pace.

Android® programmers are currently in high demand. Becoming an Android® programmer only takes a few months if an individual has the dedication and aptitude for software development. Smart phones are quickly becoming the standard interface for mobile computing. Learning a wide range of smart phone technology makes a programmer more marketable in the workplace.

An Android™ phone.
An Android™ phone.

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