How Do I Become an Aircraft Appraiser?

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There are several reasons why an aircraft may need appraisal: the owner of that aircraft may need to know the value of the vehicle in order to get an accurate insurance quote, a buyer may need an appraisal to ensure he or she is paying a fair price, or a seller may want to ensure he or she offers a fair price. If you want to become an aircraft appraiser who will take care of this process, you will need to undergo extensive training. A background in the aircraft industry will also usually be required if you want to get a job as an aircraft appraiser.

First and foremost, you will need to graduate from high school or earn an equivalent qualification. After you graduate, there are several paths you can take to become an aircraft appraiser. You can become a pilot, which means you will need to take training courses and spend a significant amount of time and money learning how to fly. You can become an aircraft mechanic, which will also require significant amounts of training. You can do this by taking an apprenticeship with a company, by attending a flight school, or by joining the military. You can even get into aircraft sales, which will require on-the-job training.


Once you gain some sort of experience in the industry, you will need to take the next steps to become an aircraft appraiser, which usually involves taking further training coursework that will certify you to work in the field. Training can take anywhere from one to four years, and different levels of certification exist. A basic level certificate will allow you to become an aircraft appraiser, but you will likely work as part of a team under the guidance of a more experienced appraiser.

A senior appraiser certificate will allow you to perform appraisals on your own. You can either work for an appraisal company, or you can venture out on your own and open your own business. Franchise opportunities may also exist, depending on your qualifications. The specific certificates and qualifications you must earn to become an aircraft appraiser or senior appraiser can vary by region, so you will have to do some research to find the appropriate governing bodies in your area, as well as the best training programs that are approved and recognized within the aircraft industry. In some cases, it is possible to take an entry-level position with an aircraft company and get the training you need as it is offered by that company.


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