How do I Become an Air Force Reserve Recruiter?

T. Webster

Becoming an Air Force Reserve recruiter requires a unique combination of experience and talent. First of all you, will need the appropriate experience to get the job. You also will need a knack for finding great candidates and persuading them to join the Air Force.

An aspiring Air Force reserve recruiter will be required to pass a physical exam.
An aspiring Air Force reserve recruiter will be required to pass a physical exam.

All of this requires a love of working with the public and a desire to become a prominent figure in the community. Your lifestyle and professionalism will be on display 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The schedule can be equally demanding, because you must meet with students at high schools and colleges and with members of the media in the community. Stamina will be required, and you must be physically and mentally prepared to handle the job.

If you have no prior military experience and want to become an Air Force Reserve recruiter, the first step is to seek an interview with a senior recruiter. Simply visit or telephone an Air Force Reserve recruiting office. If you meet minimum requirements and pass a physical exam, your application will be forwarded to a recruiting service headquarters for further review.

If selected, your next step in your quest to become an Air Force Reserve recruiter will be to attend a selection class that lasts several days. This will give you a deeper understanding of what is required of an Air Force Reserve recruiter. The specific duties include physical training, open ranks inspection, memorizing information and giving speeches.

The difficulty level progresses as the class continues. Only the top performers in the class will earn the opportunity to move on to the final step to become an Air Force Reserve recruiter. This involves attending a recruiter training course that lasts several weeks and covers material ranging from public relations and advertising to public speaking. Upon successful completion of the program, your initial active duty term can extend to as long as four years.

While serving as a recruiter, you will be evaluated on appearance, integrity, responsibility, demeanor and productivity. An extension in service generally is reserved for those who meet or exceed expectations. If you meet or exceed expectations, you can apply to serve additional time, usually one year.

If you are already enlisted and want to become an Air Force Reserve recruiter, you should have a high performance rating. You also must have an adequate rank skill set in your current role. Along with meeting other basic requirements, you also will need to go through the Air Force Reserve recruiter training program.

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