How Do I Become an Air Force Firefighter?

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An air force firefighter is subject to rigorous training in fire science as well as first aid techniques that he or she may use in fire and rescue procedures. The first step you should take to become an air force firefighter is to consult a military recruiter and enlist in the air force. There are several ways to join the air force which may include enrolling in an air force academy after high school, attending an officer training school after receiving your bachelor's degree, or enlisting in the air force reserve program while in college. In addition to the completion of one of these steps, you may need to follow through with all officer training procedures before you can enter this specific field in the military.


Before you can become an officer in the air force, you will need to complete an air force entrance examination. This is an accumulative exam and you are usually given two chances to pass before you will no longer be able to apply to this branch of the military. Following the exam, you will need to pass a physical and mental screening for officer positions which are required before you can become an air force firefighter. If you are selected, you will then be sent to a basic training camp for 12 weeks of rigorous training. Once these steps are completed, you will be an officer in the air force and will need to apply to the fire protection program to become an air force firefighter.

This technical portion of the program generally last two months, culminating in a degree in fire science. The program is designed to teach you how to fight various types of fires including hazardous materials, aircraft, and wild land fire outbreaks. You may also learn how to operate and service equipment including extinguishers and other firefighting apparatus. Preventative procedures, principles of fire inspection, first aid and rescue procedures are usually covered in this program. Earning your degree from this program may not guarantee that you will become an air force firefighter but it will be required if you are to be considered for the position.

There may be other training programs that you may need to complete depending on the specific position available. Unless you have a previous contract with a senior official that ensures you will become an air force firefighter, you may have to work in other fields before being accepted in the position of your choice. Recruiters usually suggest that you list several career choices in an order that lists your desired position first.


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