How do I Become an Administrative Assistant Manager?

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People who are detail-oriented, enjoy working with numbers and computer systems often want to become an administrative assistant manager. This type of management position is typically found in large, multi-national organizations, where there are several administrative assistants and related staff. The primary role of the administrative assistant manager is to supervise staff and provide support services to the firm's executive and senior management staff.

Most people who want to become an administrative assistant manager follow a fairly typical career and training program. He or she finds work as an administrative assistant, providing support services. After three to five years of experience in this role, the candidate completes a post-secondary training program in business or management. Some managers actively encourage career progression and development for administrative assistants, while others do not.

Although many candidates follow this path, others obtain their post-secondary training first, and then apply to become an administrative assistant manager. The training program can be at the college or university level and is typically in business, administration, or management. For this career path, it is important to obtain relevant management experience.

The skills taught in these programs include management techniques, business skills, communications, and team building. Degree program training is available at both the college and university level, in programs that are two to five years in length. Shorter certificate programs in management, accounting, business, and supervision are also available and may help fill a specific skills gap.


Related work experience required to become an administrative assistant manager varies widely, from years in an administrative assistant position to operations management experience. Computer skills and the ability to communicate well are very important items that should be highlighted and showcased to potential employers.

The majority of large firms prefer to promote staff from within. This is especially true in administration, where internal candidates have experience with the current business process, hierarchy, and organizational structure. This background will allow them to quickly adjust to the new position, reducing the learning curve required in any new position.

To become an administrative assistant manager, keep your supervisor informed of your long-term career goals and any work-related skills that you gain. Volunteer to perform additional duties or work in a supervisory capacity on a small project. Use these opportunities to show your skills, so that you will be considered for an administrative assistant manager position.


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