How Do I Become a Website Administrator?

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A website administrator is responsible for a website's code, design and content. He or she may write applications for the site, update the site to fix errors, select or edit the page's layout and test the website to ensure the best experience for users. Managing the website's security, promoting the site online and working with a team of designers also are common responsibilities. To become a website administrator, you will need experience in web design and development, formal education in the form of a college degree or certification, communication skills, project management skills and industry experience.

The formal education required to become a website administrator is usually a combination of an associate's degree or bachelor's degree and some certifications related to website design, project management or web programming. Degrees in web design, graphic design, programming and general information technology are common for entering the field and usually include courses in web programming languages, layout design, digital imaging, electronic commerce, networking and multimedia design. The type of certification needed depends on the employer but usually involves some type of webmaster designation. These requirements may be waived, if you have significant experience as a webmaster or website administrator and have the required technical skills for the job sought.


To become a website administrator, you will likely need skills that fall outside technical expertise. Online marketing and social networking have become additional duties for website administrators as companies try to gain additional exposure online. You also may be responsible for creating website content and editing the existing content on a site, so communication skills are important. For website administrators who work with a team of other designers and developers, project management is a critical skill to keep the work process organized.

The experience needed to become a website administrator typically involves experience working with websites and experience in the prospective company's industry. Many website administrators start their careers in entry-level web design roles at a company, but some also start as freelancers and create their own websites to offer their services. The length of web design experience needed can range from two to five years, but some employers may hire those with less experience. Although it is not always required, employers often prefer those who have experience in their particular industry, such as marketing, finance or health care. This requirement is found more often when one is responsible for creating website content or has to make web applications related to the field.


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Post 3

@Charred - There are some people who love administration, regardless of what kind it is, so long as it’s in IT. For these people I can easily see website administration remaining as a permanent position, and not merely a springboard for something else.

In our company we have an administrator who has been with the firm for over ten years and he has no visible aspirations of doing anything else. So I think it depends on the individual. I realize that some people are creative by nature, but this job can be as creative as you want it to be in my opinion.

Post 2

@Charred - Well, some website administration positions morph into other positions. For example at our company we have an opening for a content management coordinator. This person is responsible for editing and uploading content for the website.

Since the website uses a content management system then the coordinator is basically the administrator for all practical purposes. We may have a dedicated administrator in place; if so, the content coordinator will work together with him, but the coordinator is the go to person for most website needs.

Post 1

Website administration involves some combination of programming and graphic design. However in my experience I’ve noticed that people who end up as administrators usually break out of their roles and end up in careers that are not as multifaceted.

They may become website developers or graphic designers, but not both. I am not saying that there aren’t people who stay in website administration permanently, but because the skill set is so multifaceted for this position, you either have all the skills or you don’t.

If you don’t, you may focus more on the administration and muddle through on the graphics or vice versa. I do like the social networking aspect though. I think everyone is becoming more attuned to this part of working in information technology.

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