How do I Become a Web Copywriter?

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The Internet has created numerous professional opportunities and added a technical element to certain careers which were previously considered fairly low-tech. Copywriting, for example, was once limited to such media as print, radio and TV. But today, thanks of the Internet, virtually every piece of information an organization puts out there on the web is part of an overall adverting and branding initiative that requires copywriters who are specially skilled in writing for the web. If you want to become a web copywriter, there are certain steps you can take in terms of research, education, and practice that will put you in the best position possible to embark on a web copywriting career.

Unlike copy for print ads, web copy employs certain techniques within its content in order to increase the likelihood that it will be found by its target demographic. These techniques, known as search engine optimization (SEO) strategies, require web copywriters to insert targeted keywords and phrases into their web copy in order for it to be picked up in a search engine. For example, a web copywriter writing for an entertainment website might place commonly-searched celebrity names into the web copy in order to generate more traffic to the website. Because search engine optimization is so integral to advertising on the web, someone who wishes to become a web copywriter should research and become familiar with the principals of search engine optimization, including keyword placement, link baiting, and landing pages.


The ideal education for someone studying to become a web copywriter includes an academic background in both marketing and English. While a marketing education can arm you with the knowledge of which words make the biggest impact on which audiences, an English background can teach you how to write clearly, concisely, and in adherence to spelling and grammar rules. If you already have a degree in English, consider taking a certificate course in marketing or vice versa to get a well-rounded education in both fields.

If you’re endeavoring to become a web copywriter but are currently employed in another position, volunteering to take on web copywriting responsibilities as part of your current job can be a great way to gain professional experience in the field. For example, if you’re currently employed in an administrative capacity with an organization that doesn’t have marketing professionals on staff, consider offering to edit or re-write the company’s website content. From there, you can also offer to write newsletters, ad banners, and start a company blog, which will all contribute to your portfolio of professional web copywriting.


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