How do I Become a Web Coordinator?

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Web coordinators are needed to administer and direct Internet activities taking place on websites. To become a web coordinator, it is important to understand what the job requires. Web coordinating involves responsibility for all content on a site, interacting with visitors, blogging at other similar sites and performing other marketing activities to attract more visitors and customers. In some cases, web coordinators will also engage in web design to update, maintain and plan future aspects of the sites.

Career schools offer various programs that may help you become a web coordinator. Many employers prefer a Bachelor's degree, but a degree is not a prerequisite to working in this field. You can become a web coordinator by learning all of the skills necessary and building a portfolio of work that will demonstrate your skills. Your coordinator resume will showcase the work you have done and prove your skills.

The skills needed to become a web coordinator are similar to the skills needed by an events coordinator, sample coordinator, information coordinator or center coordinator. All of these positions can lead to work as a coordinator director or manager coordinator. The skills you will need include project management, organization, marketing, public relations, web technologies and communications.


If you want to become a web coordinator, find ways to develop creative solutions to complex problems. Develop good judgment skills and practice organizing and coordinating work for yourself and others. Interact and build relationships with junior staff and website users as relationships have a strong influence on Internet careers. Employers expect certain skills from anyone who wants to become a web coordinator. These include strong analytical skills, good research skills, proactive and solution-oriented thinking, adaptability to various business applications, exceptional organization skills and the ability to work well under deadline pressures.

Technical skills are also needed to become a web coordinator. The most important skill may be running a content management system, often called a CMS. Experience with Interwoven® or TeamSite® CMS is often preferred. Basic HTML skills are a necessity and strong skills are preferred. Other important technologies to master include J2EE®, JavaScript®, Flash®, ActionScript®, XML and SQL. You should also understand how to use software like Photoshop®, Dreamweaver® or FrontPage® and Microsoft Office® suite.

Once you have the skills to become a web coordinator, look for work at mid-size to large companies. Smaller companies rarely need a full-time web coordinator. However, almost every company has a web presence and many need professionals who can administer their websites.


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