How do I Become a Warehouse Clerk?

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An individual who wants to become a warehouse clerk can usually do so after earning a high school diploma or an equivalent credential. Employers often prefer clerks who have warehouse experience, but this isn’t always necessary. Many are willing to train new employees. A person interested in this job typically should know how to read, write, and operate a computer. He should also be in good psychical shape and have good communication skills.

Depending on where he works, a warehouse clerk may have a wide range of job responsibilities, including pulling and processing orders, filling purchase orders and sales orders, and examining stock for damage. A warehouse clerk may also keep records regarding the warehouse and help to stock and monitor equipment. He may load and unload stock, replenish warehouse materials, and input inventory counts into a computer or using an electronic device. Sometimes a warehouse clerk may have to verify that physical inventory matches what is recorded in a computerized inventory system. Often, a warehouse clerk must also operate a forklift, which may require special licensure.


Reading, writing, and basic computer knowledge are very important for a person who wants to become a warehouse clerk. A person in this position may have to read and write documents, including orders and inventory records. He may also need reading and writing skills when inputting inventory details into a company’s computer system and checking computerized records. A person who wants to become a warehouse clerk should also be able to pay close attention to detail, remembering required tasks and avoiding mistakes when inputting data or reading it.

Warehouse clerks often have to work as part of a team. As such, they have to be able to cooperate and get along well with others. They need good communication skills, not only for verbal communications with other warehouse staff and office staff members, but also for providing written instructions, records, or requests.

A person who wants to become a warehouse clerk should be in reasonably good health and be capable of bending, lifting, twisting, and climbing ladders. An individual in this line of work is often expected to lift up to 90 pounds of weight. He'll may also need to lift packages that weigh up to 25 pounds while twisting his body at the same time. Since warehouse jobs can require the performance of continuous or rushed tasks, an individual in this job should also have good physical stamina.


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Post 6

My uncle worked his whole career in a plumbing parts warehouse as a supervisor in shipping and receiving. He didn't need to do much lifting so he stayed on the job until he was nearly seventy.

When he started, he used pen and paper and a standard typewriter, but when computers came in, he took a few classes and then taught himself from there.

He worked well with those under him. The crew that he supervised liked him a lot. He was happy where he was and had no desire to advance.

Post 5

Securing a job as a shipping clerk or warehouse clerk could be a wise choice for a young man or woman, who either has no interest in college, or wants to delay going to college.

He or she(if she can meet the lifting requirements) needs to be physically fit, have good reading, writing and computer skills. If these skills are weak, they can be worked on.

To do well in this job, one must be mature - needs to take safety issues seriously, and be accurate with details and when exchanging information with others.

A hard worker can work his way up, advancing to manager positions. If he is able to get some college experience, he could someday get into another area of the company.

Post 4

When my son was looking for summer work, he applied for a job at a local warehouse. The first position he was given was as an inventory clerk. He was responsible for keeping track of the inventory both on the floor and in the computer.

This was a great job for him because he does not like working with the public and nobody ever bothered him much as long as he did his job right.

Post 3

One of my sons friends started as a warehouse clerk for the company he currently works for. He began this job while he was still in high school and continued working for them part time while he was in college.

After being in a clerk position for a few years, he was soon given one of their warehouse supervisor jobs. This came easy for him because he was familiar with most everything that was being done in the warehouse, as he had done many of the duties when he was a clerk.

Because he had the experience of the clerk job, it was an easy transition to become a supervisor. He is very insistent about keeping things well stocked, in order and running an efficient warehouse.

Post 2

@Cupcake15 - My dad was a shipping clerk and he really liked the job. For him the predictable nature of the job was what he enjoyed about it. He did not like confrontation or being in stressful situations so this job really suited him.

He worked for the same company for thirty-three years and enjoyed every minute of it. I will say that you do have to be organized to have a shipping clerk job, but other than that it is a pleasant job with not too much stress associated with it.

Post 1

I had a friend in college that took a seasonal shipping and receiving job for the holidays and actually stayed with the company. It was a well know company that was famous for transporting small packages as well as freight.

It was a physically demanding job, but my friend liked it because he saw it as a way to get a permanent position with this company. After working as a shipping and receiving clerk he was later promoted to a warehouse manager job.

I think that a lot entry level jobs like this can be stepping stones to other jobs within a company. My friend didn’t mind the hard work and reporting to work at 6:00 A.M. most mornings. He felt it was well worth it. He also liked the team work that he saw while he was working because everyone really seemed to want to help him. It was a very cohesive environment.

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