How do I Become a Wardrobe Consultant?

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An individual with a good fashion sense may wish to become a wardrobe consultant, also called fashion consultant. For the most part, these professionals work with people to improve their image through changes in their clothing and accessories. This career typically requires an innate ability to understand and create fashion. Some, but by no means all, of these consultants take classes or seek certification in the fashion or marketing industries before beginning a career in wardrobe consulting.

A good first step for people wishing to become a wardrobe consultant is to practice creating personal fashion collections. This often involves working with one's own personal wardrobe or helping friends to put together innovative fashions. Playing with his or her own clothing and accessories may give an aspiring fashion specialist good practice, and exposure to trends that he or she can apply to a paying client.

A fashion consultant may also wish to work on his or her own apparel and appearance because personal image can be a good marketing tool. Potential clients will probably be affected by how a consultant looks. Or, if a specialist manages his or her own wardrobe well, he or she can gain the trust of the client.


This job typically does not require a specialized degree. Many people who wish to become a wardrobe consultant attend a four-year university and receive a bachelor’s degree in fashion design, textile, or marketing. Others may take professional courses in fashion to help them learn the basics of the career. Examples of these classes can include closet organization, clothing color theory, and developing personal style. Many consultants become successful in the field with no formal training at all.

To become a wardrobe consultant, an individual should probably try to follow current trends in fashion. This usually involves attending fashion shows, reading style magazines, and watching related television programs. The fashion industry has a history of rapid change, so consultants often must be vigilant in order to keep up with the latest looks.

Starting a business as a wardrobe consultant frequently requires personal referrals. A new fashion specialist may wish to offer free services to the first few clients, in order to develop a client base. If the consultant impresses these early clients, they should refer his or her services to others. Many people starting out in this career work as part-time consultants while they build their fashion business.

If an individual plans to become a wardrobe consultant, he or she may choose to focus on a certain type of fashion. Others may specialize on particular clients such as celebrities, attorneys, or job seekers. Becoming an expert on professional attire allows many consultants the opportunity to coach business people or host seminars on workplace attire.


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