How do I Become a VoIP Engineer?

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Individuals who want to become VoIP engineers must have a passion for computer and Internet technology. VoIP technology allows Internet service providers to transfer phone calls over an Internet connection. VoIP is an acronym that stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol, or in other words, phone service over the Internet. Anyone who wants to become a VoIP engineer should develop specialized knowledge about computer systems and understand electrical engineering.

Pursuing the proper education to become a VoIP engineer is necessary. Obtaining a bachelor’s degree that focuses on computer science helps the prospective engineer obtain the proper education to work with computer networks and Internet telecommunication systems. One common bachelor's degree program that VoIP engineers may consider is a degree in network engineering. Degrees in computer engineering, computer science, and electrical engineering are also technology-related degrees that VoIP engineers will find useful in their career.

Many companies hire at least one VoIP engineer to install Internet phone systems. Installing VoIP has many benefits. The most common benefits of are that it provides the company with lower costs and can also increase business functionality. VoIP also provides an advantage that traditional phone networks are unable to provide. For example, with a VoIP system, incoming phone calls can be routed around the world as long as the individual can connect to their network.


When companies hire a VoIP engineer for installation, the engineer is often required to work with a team of technical professionals in order to complete the installation in a timely fashion. An individual must know how to work with others in a collaborative process if they wish to become a VoIP engineer. These engineers must be able to work both collaboratively and independently.

Although proper education can equip the engineer to work professionally, it’s also best if he or she has experience with a range of programs and software. To become a VoIP engineer, an individual must also develop problem-solving capabilities. The VoIP engineer is often called to troubleshoot computer problems and other issues that occur with the network system. The prospective engineer must have a reasonable understanding of how to analyze technical problems and provide comprehensive solutions.

It’s crucial that a computer engineer is proficient in troubleshooting. When computer issues arise, it is often critical that the issues are solved quickly. A VoIP engineer must be able to work well under pressure and in high-stressed situations.

The VoIP engineer must be able to keep up with the latest Internet and computer advancements because technology constantly evolves. The roles of a VoIP engineer may change as technology evolves. Taking continuing education courses to learn about systems, routers, networks, and servers can all benefit the VoIP engineer.


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