How do I Become a Vice Cop?

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A person who wants to become a vice cop will need to train as a police officer, work for several years in uniform, and apply for transfer into the vice division. Qualifying for a promotion into vice requires demonstrating exceptional skill as a police officer, as well as having some specific skills that can be helpful for officers working on vice positions. Salaries for members of vice enforcement units vary, depending on their level of experience with the department, their skills, and the region.

The first step for a person who wants to become a vice cop is maintaining a clean criminal record and an excellent personal history. People who want to join the police force will need to pass background checks including interviews with friends and family, drug tests, and other components. People deemed moral risks will not be accepted onto the force.

Attending college for a two- or four-year degree is increasingly recommended for police officers. Degrees in topics like criminal justice, sociology, and psychology can be beneficial. With a degree, people can apply to a police academy for training as a police officer. It is important to attend an accredited police academy in the region where someone who wants to become a vice cop plans to work. Some skills to pick up along the way include a second language, as well as acting and concealment skills. These can be appealing characteristics in officers being considered for promotion.


After graduating from the academy, people can apply to work on police forces. Applying to work in a police department with a large vice division can help for someone who wants to become a vice cop, as it increases the chance of available positions. Once hired by a department, police officers can work on distinguishing themselves and getting to know the region. After several years, they can be eligible for promotions, and may start applying into the vice division.

To become a vice cop, it is usually necessary to pass interviews with the vice division, to demonstrate genuine interest in the work, and to have skills necessary and useful for vice officers. Things like facility in one or more foreign languages, for example, can be helpful in regions where vice officers interact with immigrants. People also usually need to pass an examination to qualify for promotion. With the promotion will come an increase in pay and the possibility for additional promotions with more experience in the vice division.


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