How do I Become a US Marshal?

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There are several different ways to become a US Marshal. Most people who apply to the program have a bachelor’s degree, though some people may have some training in criminal justice without the full degree and may possess several years of experience in law enforcement too. The United States government defines qualifications for this field directly and includes that people must be a US citizen, possess a four year degree or three years experience, be in excellent mental and physical health, and be no younger than 21 or older than 36.

On the US Marshal Service government website, there are more specific qualifications listed, including level of fitness that needs to be demonstrated by men or women. This is defined to the second in running certain distances, and categories in fitness have a minimum amount, and extend up to superior grade fitness. Those wanting to become a US Marshal should determine if they meet these requirements, and if they don’t they need to start working out hard enough to meet them. There are also examples of medical and physical standards that must be met. Some medical conditions may disqualify people to become a US Marshal, and those interested in these requirements should examine them on the website.


Typically the path to become a US Marshal or US Marshal Deputy is to first begin with education. People are probably best off earning at least a four-year degree in criminal justice. There are online programs for those who don’t have the time to attend an offline school, but lots of offline programs exist for the student who wants a more traditional education. For those who want to try to enter the US Marshal service at a higher rate of pay, some recommend combining experience in law enforcement with a degree or getting an advanced degree, such as in law.

Once training is complete, people can apply when jobs are announced to the US Marshal services from the website. If accepted, they will then be expected to do several more weeks of training in Glynco, Georgia at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center. They will need to pass all tests in order to be hired, and people can expect some tests to involve polygraphs or background checking.

For those who want to become a US Marshal, it may take a long time before an application is reviewed, sometimes up to a year. People might want to use this time to work in some other area of law enforcement, or build up qualifications. Yet it’s advised that people don’t begin the application process until they meet minimum qualifications.


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