How Do I Become a Ufologist?

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A ufologist is a person who studies unidentified flying objects, commonly called UFOs. There is no specific degree or program of study in order to become a ufologist. Such people typically specialize in another area of science such as astronomy or physics and then apply their knowledge to the study of UFOs. Whether or not a person becomes recognized as a ufologist is related to his or her professionalism, personal knowledge on the subject and overall credibility.

If you want to become a ufologist, you will need to be willing to approach the task as an unpaid volunteer. The field is generally unrecognized by mainstream science and there is little or no funding in many cases for salaries to pay ufologists for their work. Most people who study UFOs do it because they feel it needs to be done, not because there is either pay or recognition in the field. Typically, these people support themselves through other jobs and pursue their interest in UFOs on their own time.


There are many different aspects of ufology in which a person can get involved in order to become a ufologist. Many different paths of study can be of benefit in the study of UFOs. If you have studied psychology you might choose to interview people who have reported sightings or abductions. A biologist might investigate changes in the plants or animal life living in the area where UFO activity has been reported. Anyone with expertise in physics, chemistry or statistics can also make use of that knowledge if he or she desires to become a ufologist.

The best way to learn more about the study of UFOs is to become involved with people who are already investigating such events. If you can find a mentor it can save you a great deal of time as you learn about the field. A mentor can also help you to develop reliable contacts in ufology with people who can give you honest feedback based on personal studies and experience.

If you do decide to become a ufologist, it is very important that you gain credibility in the field. Since there are no official requirements nor any prescribed classes or studies that lead to a degree in ufology, others have only your word and your actions to determine your standing as a ufologist. It is best to always act and speak responsibly, try not to make unsubstantiated claims, and approach investigations in a scientific manner so that you will be taken seriously once you become a ufologist.


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Well there are colleges that teach ufology. For example, Flamel College, the Metaphysics Institute, College of Metaphysical Studies, and the American Institute of Metaphysics. There are full time ufologists/ufo investigators.

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