How Do I Become a TV News Reporter?

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Individuals hoping to become a TV news reporter should have extensive education and experience. Television news reporters must have good communication skills, be comfortable dealing with a wide variety of people, and be able to produce engaging and newsworthy stories and interviews. Talented TV news reporters are comfortable in front of the camera and behind the scenes.

Television news reporters keep the community at large apprised of the news surrounding current events and public interest stories. They interview individuals, gather supporting information and report their findings to the general public. Some television news reporters will host the news desk while others will conduct interviews and reports live from the field.

The educational requirements a person needs if they wish to become a TV news reporter include a bachelor’s degree in a related field. Popular degree paths include journalism, communications, and media broadcasting. Some positions, especially anchor positions, will require a minimum of a master’s degree or a bachelor’s degree with extensive experience in the field.

Experience can be gained during degree completion and on-the-job training. During the completion of a degree related to television or media broadcasting, students often have the opportunity to complete internships at local television or radio stations. This experience is invaluable and prepares those who want to become a TV news reporter for the various challenges they will encounter once employed.


Good communication skills are a must for those looking to become a TV news reporter. Television reporters must speak in a coherent manner and be able to interact with an audience through their use of tone and emphasis on important segments of a story. Some television stations may prefer candidates who speak multiple languages fluently. This is especially advantageous when conducting interviews in the field.

The ability to produce engaging and newsworthy stories is required of television news reporters. A well-rounded education that includes coursework in subjects such as business, economics, history, and sociology can help news reporters create engaging stories that provide relevant information to the public at large. Knowledge of surrounding culture and traditions can also help put a local spin on news stories.

Beyond the basics, individuals hoping to become a TV news reporter should also possess some other skills. This includes excellent word processing skills and the ability to utilize desktop publishing software. On-air personalities need to maintain a pleasant appearance and be willing to work a wide variety of hours. Reporters also need to work well with others in the industry, such as photographers and cameramen.


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Post 3

What are the best broadcast schools to go to if I am interested in a career in TV news? I have always dreamed of being a news anchor and I want to prepare myself as best I can for getting on the air. I want to learn a lot and also make a lot of connections. Where should I go?

Post 2

There are a very limited number of jobs in TV news and there is usually a lot of competition for them. Every year broadcast school dumps thousands of fresh faced and eager graduates into the job market and they clamor for a few vacancies around the country. Many of them never get the break that they hoped for and end up in radio, print or working behind the scenes at a news station.

Post 1
I hate to admit this, but it really needs to mentioned in this discussion. Television is a visual medium and you will have a lot better chance of getting in front of a camera if you are attractive. Don't believe me, just flip on the news and look at the people reporting it. Especially on the national level, most of the anchors look like glamor models reading from a teleprompter.

There are still opportunities on the local level for people to report the news who were not voted prom king and queen but even these jobs are disappearing. The news gets shallower and shallower every year and we have come to expect our news to be entertainment. That requires fit bodies and beautiful faces. A sad state of affairs to be sure but one that can't be denied.

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