How Do I Become a Turkish Linguist?

Jennifer Leigh

Education in both linguistics and the Turkish language is a major step in the path to become a Turkish linguist. A bachelor's degree is generally the minimum level of education required, though many positions require a master's or doctoral degree in the subject to obtain employment. Turkish linguists have a variety of career options including that of a translator, computer software consultant, educator, or researcher. To become a Turkish linguist, it is helpful to gain experience in the field through work, travel, and research before taking the steps to apply for jobs. It is important to plan your career path so that you are aware of the qualifications necessary to eventually work in the area of Turkish linguistics that you prefer.

A degree in both linguistics and the Turkish language is useful for an aspiring Turkish linguist.
A degree in both linguistics and the Turkish language is useful for an aspiring Turkish linguist.

A bachelor's degree in Turkish is required for most positions to become a Turkish linguist. There are many colleges and universities with programs in linguistics that have an emphasis or concentration in the Turkish language. You must find a program that combines these two elements to get the most out of your educational experience. If you wish to pursue a career such as a college professor or researcher, it is necessary to obtain at least a master's degree in the Turkish language or linguistics, though most positions require a doctoral degree. A master's degree takes two to three years of full-time study and a doctoral degree takes three to five additional years.

It is vital to be knowledgeable about the Turkish language to become a Turkish linguist. Most linguists are fluent in the language that they specialize in, and many career paths require this. To become fluent in Turkish, you need to study it extensively or become immersed in the language through travel. Since many linguist jobs ask that applicants have experience, you can seek out an internship or study-abroad program that takes place in Turkey or a Turkish-speaking community in another country. While this is not possible for everyone, it will help you understand not only the language but the culture as well.

After you finish your education, you can begin to apply for jobs in the career of your choice. Available jobs can be found by contacting professional organizations for linguistics and by keeping in close contact with your college advisor, who might be aware of more opportunities. Be prepared to become a Turkish linguist by having an updated copy of your resume ready, as well as a list of references from past employers and professors.

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