How do I Become a Transportation Manager?

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If you plan to become a transportation manager in the United States, you will usually need to have earned a bachelor's degree. You will generally have a better chance of being hired if your major is in a logistics, technical, or engineering discipline. In some cases, employers may consider candidates who are business majors. For greater consideration when applying for jobs, you might want to plan to pursue a master's degree in a logistics or technical discipline. Some advanced business degrees, particularly in areas like accounting or finance, could also be desirable to various employers.

For the most part, employers will look for job applicants who have at least five years of related experience. It would be unlikely for someone to graduate from college and immediately land this type of management position, particularly if the candidate has no relevant work experience. To become a transportation manager and be successful in this position, you will need to be an experienced supervisor. You might also need to have some project management experience or training.


A variety of different computer skills are generally essential for these jobs. Good candidates will know how to use, and troubleshoot, word processing and database software. If you know how to generate reports, create multimedia slides, and customize a variety of different types of presentations, it may be easier for you to become a transportation manager. Candidates who do not have these desirable skills will likely have a much more difficult time trying to find a good job.

Many of these positions will require you to interact with clients on a regular basis. Individuals who have excellent communication skills are usually a better fit for transportation management positions. You will need to be able to demonstrate that you can communicate effectively, verbally and in writing, to become a transportation manager. It might also be helpful if you have the ability to be a bit of a salesperson, in the event that your employer wants you to recruit new clients.

In this type of position, you could be required to contribute to the creation of financial statements or statistical data for one or more departments. You might also be responsible for meeting particular annual financial goals set by your employer. As a transportation manager, you may be required to follow up on customer complaints or other related issues. In addition, you could be required to work closely with subject matter experts from a variety of different fields in order to facilitate company growth.


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Post 2

@SZapper - I agree. But I would take it a step further: I don't think management jobs in general are going anywhere. As long as there is work being done by people, managers will continue to be relevant.

Therefore, I think it's a good idea for almost everyone to take management classes in college. You never know when you might decide you want to advance up the career ladder to manager.

Post 1

I think this sounds like a promising job. After all, barring a major shift in our society, people are always going to need to transport things. It seems like the job of a transportation manager will always be in demand.

I would recommend that if someone wants to do this job, they should try to get an internship with a company while they are in college. At least they would be able to network and get an entry level job so they could work their way up to manager.

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