How do I Become a Transplant Coordinator?

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If you’re looking to become a transplant coordinator, there are specific education and certification requirements you need to meet in order to be an organ transplant specialist. Organ transplant coordinators work with both doctors and patients at all stages of the organ transplant process, so they need specialized nursing training and experience as well as a transplant coordinator certification. In order to become an organ transplant coordinator, you will need to be a registered nurse and then specialize in transplant coordination through training and certification. A certification from a professional organ transplant nursing certification board is required, and surgical or transplant nursing experience is highly recommended.

The first step to become a transplant coordinator is becoming a registered nurse (RN) by getting a degree in nursing and passing a licensure exam. Once you are a licensed nursing professional, you should look for a job either in a hospital or clinic to gain experience working with patients who need organ transplants. Professional experience as a surgical nurse can also help you on your path to a career as an organ transplant coordinator because it can make you familiar with transplant surgery. Your main goal should be to gain professional experience with patients and doctors at some stage of the organ transplant process.


After you have gained some experience in nursing, you will need an organ transplant coordinator certification in order to become a transplant coordinator. While there is no specific organ transplant training program, the transplant certification board requires transplant coordinators to take a certification exam. In order to pass the certification exam, you should find specialized professional training in organ transplant medicine and nursing. You can get organ transplant coordinator training from hospitals, colleges, medical training facilities, and online. These organ transplant nursing training courses will prepare you to take the transplant coordinator certification exam.

While a certification is necessary to become a transplant coordinator, there are several certifications available for specific kinds of organ transplant coordinator positions. In order to become a transplant coordinator who works with both doctors and patients before, during, and after transplant surgery, you will need to become a Certified Clinical Transplant Coordinator (CCTC). A Certified Procurement Transplant Coordinator (CPTC) screens patients who need organ transplants and works to find an organ for that patient. A Certified Clinical Transplant Nurse (CCTN) aids surgeons during organ transplant surgery. No matter what specialization you choose, you can become a transplant coordinator if you are dedicated to reaching your career goals.


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