How Do I Become a Training Coordinator?

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A training coordinator implements various programs designed to improve employee skills. To become a training coordinator, you will need a bachelor’s degree in corporate training or human resources. A certain amount of on-the-job training is also required to become a training coordinator. You can also become professionally certified to expand your employment opportunities. Earning a master’s degree in this field can allow you to specialize in a particular area.

Most training coordinators work in the human resources department of a private company or government agency. They are responsible for evaluating the training needs of current and new employees. These professionals also gather teaching materials and conduct training sessions. This training helps employees acquire and develop skills to increase their efficiency. A college degree and relevant work experience is typically required to become a training coordinator.

A bachelor’s degree is usually sufficient to get started in this career. College majors such as corporate training or human resources are preferred by many employers. Some employers may also hire you with a bachelor’s degree in business management or interpersonal communication. Your college education should provide training in effective communication and teaching. You must also be proficient in the most common types of business software programs to become a training coordinator.


Along with a college degree, you will need a certain amount of practical experience to become a training coordinator. Part of this experience can be gained through a college internship program. The remainder of your on-the-job expertise can be completed after securing an entry-level position in a human resources department. During this training, you will probably perform tasks such as conducting surveys and fielding employee benefits questions. You may also assist a senior training coordinator with preparing and conducting training sessions.

After gaining sufficient work experience, you may also pursue professional certification as a training coordinator. In the U.S., professional certification is offered by the American Society for Training and Development. Candidates must possess a bachelor’s degree and three years of relevant work experience to sit for the certification exam. Test preparation materials are provided by the society. You must periodically complete a continuing education course to be recertified.

You may also want to earn a master’s degree to specialize in a particular field. Specialization may provide an opportunity for advancement in this career. Master’s degree programs typically offer instruction in core subjects such as strategic planning, knowledge management, and assessment strategies for improving adult learning. By earning a master’s degree, you can specialize in an area such as organizational communications or technology skill development. An advanced degree may also allow you to develop curriculum used by other training coordinators.


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