How Do I Become a Traffic Manager?

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In order to become a traffic manager, it generally necessary to earn an undergraduate degree. While subjects such as logistics and transportation management are important to study, they are not commonly offered as majors. Instead, many aspiring traffic managers study for degrees in fields such as management and economics. A traffic manager is also the title of an advertising professional who is responsible for overseeing and orchestrating the various departments in an advertising firm. To become a traffic manager in this context, you might find it advantageous to study fields such as marketing, advertising, and graphic design then to work a number of entry level positions in the advertising industry.

When people talk about traffic managers, they may be referring to one of two completely different professions. An industrial traffic manager is a professional who creates strategies for transporting goods and products. This professional also might be responsible for packing materials, recording data about size and weight of shipments, and communicating with transporters. Traffic manager is also a title used to refer to an advertising professional who is responsible for helping the different departments of an advertising firm to communicate with each other and with executives.


An individual who would like to become a traffic manager who works for retailers and manufacturers might benefit most from a degree in management. This kind of education can teach you valuable strategies for orchestrating large scale projects and communicating with members of a workforce. A business degree can help an aspiring industrial traffic manager to become proficient at making accurate calculations and developing cost effective strategies.

Most of the calculations and communication an industrial traffic manager performs are done with computer programs. For this reason, most employers prefer to hire traffic managers who are not only comfortable with computers, but who have much experience using specific kinds of software. You may have to work several years as an assistant manager or supervisor before you are qualified to become a traffic manager.

A person who would like to become a traffic manager in the advertising industry should pursue a degree in marketing or advertising with an emphasis in business management. Professionals in this field have a strong understanding of the functions of different departments of an advertising agency. They also possess effective leadership skills and an aptitude for creating efficient strategies. Traffic managers in advertising also tend to be effective communicators.


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