How do I Become a Timeshare Broker?

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The process of becoming a timeshare broker is usually exactly the same as that of becoming a real estate broker. Most states make no differentiation in the type of property being bought or sold. The licensing requirements will be slightly different for real estate agents versus real estate brokers, however.

Those who want to get involved in timeshare resales need to first take the step of becoming a licensed real estate agent. In most cases, those who want to specialize in timeshares will also need to research good locations. It can be hard to make a living as a timeshare specialist in many parts of the world. Therefore, seeking out vacation destination areas is important.

Those wanting to become a timeshare broker should look to the coastlines, where many timeshare condominiums are located. This is especially true in warmer climates. Other areas, such as resort destinations offering family fun, including Florida and Hawaii, are also prime locations in which to broker timeshares. If not living in such an area, the broker will likely have to supplement his or her work with the sale of some other product, whether that be homes or working with apartment rentals.


Once the individual has received a real estate license, the next step in the process is to spend a couple of years as an agent. Most states require an individual to hold a license for a certain period of time before applying for a broker's license. Those who are interested in the career will use this time to seek out job opportunities, gain experience in the field, and to make contacts. That will also make the job of becoming a timeshare broker a little easier later on.

Before applying to become a timeshare broker, or any other type of broker, more classes will also be required. These classes teach additional information on real estate law, as well as some management principles and further training in ethics. More responsibilities are placed on the broker to make sure each transaction done by agents working under him or her is legal and correct. This is why more training is needed in order to become a timeshare broker. Timeshare deals can often be very complex, and take many more things into account than a single-owner sale.

Upon passing the broker test, the only other step necessary to become a timeshare broker is simply to find a job. Most will remain working as agents in a traditional agency until a position opens up. For those who do not want to wait, there may be other positions open at other companies. Still, the key is to be patient. These positions are highly competitive.


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