How Do I Become a Ticket Broker?

Mary McMahon

Someone who wants to become a ticket broker does not typically need any particular education or training. Ticket brokers establish networks of contacts they use to purchase tickets at bulk prices for resale to customers. In some regions, the ticket trade is regulated, and it may be necessary to have a license to work as a ticket broker. It is advisable to research regional licensing to learn about any requirements that might be involved, in order to prepare adequately.

Ticket brokers resell tickets for profit at a price higher than face value.
Ticket brokers resell tickets for profit at a price higher than face value.

It is not necessary to go to college to become a ticket broker, but it can help. Brokers need to be familiar with marketing and sales techniques to succeed in their chosen careers. Some find it helpful to receive degrees in these fields to develop skills and cultivate potential professional contacts, as many colleges offer internship opportunities to their students. Aspiring ticket brokers might be able to work in a brokerage to get experience and learn more about the industry, for instance.

The ticket trade is regulated in some regions.
The ticket trade is regulated in some regions.

Brokers may start out under the employment of a company that buys and resells tickets. This is one way to become a ticket broker, by building up experience and knowledge. It is also possible to independently start a career by contacting venues about bulk purchases and establishing a reputation as a reliable source of event tickets. Over time, a skilled broker may need to take on assistants to help out and expand the range of events covered by the business.

In regions where it is necessary to have a license to become a ticket broker, the application process may vary. It may involve filling out paperwork and filing a fee. Other regions may require taking a short exam to demonstrate knowledge of the laws surrounding ticket brokerage. Brokers typically periodically need to renew their licenses to continue working. The law may also require that licensed brokers display their license information for the benefit of customers.

People pursuing this career may want to consider joining a professional organization. Membership in such organizations is not required to become a ticket broker and work in the industry, but it can be beneficial. These organizations promote their members, which can provide connections with prospective clients. Buyers searching for a trusted source of tickets, for instance, might check the website of a professional organization for listing. These groups also provide access to trade journals, conferences, and industry connections brokers may find useful for future success.

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