How do I Become a Telecommunications Contractor?

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The route you take to become a telecommunications contractor will depend greatly on the type of work you wish to do. There are various careers in this field, including operators, tech support, customer service professionals, sales, and more. Telecommunications contractors all have a few main characteristics in common, however. These include an upbeat personality, willingness to work hard, and a strong willed personality.

To become a telecommunications contractor, is it generally necessary that you become familiar with the products or services your company offers. Many companies offer business phone services, wireless services, home phone services, among many others. You may begin working as a customer support person for one of these companies or a sales professional. Both of these jobs will require an extensive knowledge of what the company has to offer.

Once you become familiar with the specifics of the industry, you can look to become a telecommunications contractor by calling companies you’d like to work for. Speak to the highest level manager you can reach, and ask about any open positions. Even if the job being offered isn’t exactly what you had in mind, it is always possible to start at the bottom and move up to better career options from there.


If you can’t find a company that is hiring, begin searching through local or online job boards. These can be valuable resources for job seekers. Also, by searching online you can expand your search beyond your local vicinity. Since many telecommunications contractor jobs are done over the phone or via Internet, you may be able to find a work from home opportunity in this field.

Often, the application process required to become a telecommunications contractor is intense. You may be required to attend several training sessions, and listen in on calls to hear firsthand how current workers handle certain situations. Many telecommunications jobs involve having to deal with frustrated, even rude, customers. This means that workers must be able to handle rejection and unfriendly behavior without becoming angry themselves.

Once you have work experience in the field, you are more likely to get a contract position rather than full-time employment. This would classify you as a self-employed individual, and possibly enable you to work from a home office. Generally, it is a good idea to find a job in the field first and then graduate to a contractor role once you are familiar with the work and the industry.


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As a sales manager for a major telecommunications company, I have found that quality headcount is our biggest ongoing hurdle. We've on-boarded several contract sales companies to help us overcome this. Finding high-caliber sales agents is paramount to our success. We have found that local companies are the best at recruiting and retaining the best quality agents. -- RJ, Phoenix, AZ

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