How Do I Become a Technical Lead?

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A technical lead is an information technology (IT) job that requires computer experience and management skills. If a person wants to become a technical lead, he should learn how to manage computer systems and deliver IT projects. These leadership skills are fundamental for any lead position but are most critical in an IT organization. A technical lead should have vast experience in many facets of software design and development.

Problem solving is one of the key skills needed to become a technical lead. These skills are necessary for all aspects of software design but are essential for the technical leader of the team. He should be a good communicator and effective listener who can interpret problems and offer solutions.

A team leader does not need to be the manager. He should be the technical adviser or systems architect who understands the nuances of computer systems. A lead typically reports to the project manager of the team and identifies and mitigates technical issues found in the system.

A person striving to become a technical lead should become well versed in multiple facets of information technology. This will make him a generalist in multiple technology platforms and architectures. The lead will be expected to understand risk management techniques and have experience at resolving technical problems.


One way to become a technical lead is to learn agile project management skills. This can help the technical leader understand the basic concepts of cost, scope, and time management. Obtaining a certification in project management is a good way to get some basic project management skills.

Another good way to learn technical leadership skills is to get a mentor who can help teach the basics. This person should be an experienced technical professional who has built and deployed enterprise software applications. He can help the aspiring leader learn the basic skills needed to become a technical lead.

Technical leadership is a stressful job and shouldn't be taken lightly. The lead is expected to resolve problems quickly and efficiently, with little room for error. A person wanting to become a leader should be comfortable with decision making.

A technical leader should be able to quickly evaluate risks and options based on specific computer issues. He should be well versed in many software technologies and understand hardware and software integration concepts. The technical lead should also have strong communication and negotiation skills. This is essential when describing and proposing a technical solution.


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