How Do I Become a Supply Chain Planner?

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An individual who wants to become a supply chain planner should pursue the right kinds of degrees and certifications, as well as other qualifications related to experience in this field. These and similar kinds of jobs can also be called demand planner jobs or logistics planning job roles. All of these various positions include analyzing a supply chain, which is the holistic relocation or processing of supply elements for total business operations. Supply chain planners take on a lot of responsibility to make sure that inventory remains at proper levels, and that a business operates efficiently by anticipating changes in supply and demand.

One of the first steps for an individual who is interested in logistics, and wants to become a supply chain planner, is to get a college degree in business. Alternative paths to this job title may include degrees in engineering or more technical fields. An advanced degree in business is often a good strategy for entry into this type of career, or other similar roles.


In addition to degrees, individuals who want to work with supply chain management should seek experience with specific kinds of technology. These include ERP, or enterprise planning software applications, as well as other software applications with specific statistical features that help to monitor a supply chain, whether it’s spread across only one region or country, or across the world. Computer skills, as well as analytical and mathematics skills, help individuals to stand out as candidates for a supply chain planner job.

Specific skills that will help individuals become a supply chain planner or other supply chain professional include experience with specific inventory metrics. Experience with forecasting tools and processes is often helpful. Specific experience with fixing supply chain issues will also go a long way toward promoting an individual for this kind of career.

In addition to the above, a candidate for a supply chain planner job should have good communication skills. Those who are able to work with a wide spectrum of people and pursue many different types of data gathering will excel in this type of job role. Employers also often talk about hiring people who are self starters or proactive, since many of these supply chain professionals work independently. Being “detail oriented” is another type of personality trait that employers may look for when hiring for this kind of job.


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