How Do I Become a Supervisor of Assessments?

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A supervisor of assessments, who handles property assessment for a region, may need to be certified, and typically needs experience in the real estate field. This can be an elected or appointed position, depending on regional policies. The precise requirements to become a supervisor of assessments can also vary by region, as individual governments may set their own standards. It may be necessary to be able to travel for work, to personally visit properties subject to review by the assessor’s office.

This job typically involves determining the fair value of real estate for the purpose of taxation. Reviews of value may be triggered when properties change hands, or by specific request from property owners. The supervisor of assessments can examine the property and any relevant records, consider current market conditions, and develop a reasonable estimate. If the property owner feels the assessed value is unfair, the landowner may choose to appeal.

In regions where a supervisor of assessments need qualifications, they usually include a short course in property assessment and valuation. Some people in this position come from the real estate industry, and may be qualified as real estate agents or brokers, although this is not required to become a supervisor of assessments. Knowledge of tax law and accounting practices can also be helpful. Supervisors of assessments do not set tax rates, but they do need to understand the different rates that may apply and issues that could come up in property valuation.


For elected officials, running a successful campaign to become a supervisor of assessments can involve several steps. It is important to build up a network to generate community interest and support. Having a background as a business owner or other public figure can be useful, although it is not always required. The campaign includes opportunities to deliver messages to members of the public. Someone who wants to become a supervisor of assessments might discuss topics like overhauling practices at the assessor’s office to streamline it and provide better benefits to members of the public.

If the position is an appointment, a member of the public who wants to become a supervisor of assessments should express interest to the appropriate officials. These may include city council members or county supervisors. These officials can review qualifications and recommend people for the position when it becomes available. It may be necessary to go through an interview process to demonstrate competence and provide proof of qualifications. Officials may take a vote on who should become the supervisor of assessments.


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