How do I Become a Supermarket Cashier?

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It is relatively simple to become a supermarket cashier. Most supermarkets require a brief application, and one or two interviews, after which the hiring manager will often immediately tell you if you have gotten the job. Of course, in order to be considered for a cashier position, one needs to be in possession of a few important skills. These primarily include the ability to be responsible and accountable for a large amount of money.

To become a supermarket cashier, it is a good idea to call or visit supermarkets in the area, and find out if they are hiring. Remember that a first impression is important, so if you are meeting face to face, it is a good idea to dress professionally and have a neat, clean appearance. When speaking to someone in person or on the phone, be polite, professional, and enthusiastic, and remember to smile.

When filling out an application, the same rules for professionalism apply. It is important to write neatly and clearly. You will probably not become a cashier, if the hiring manager cannot read your handwriting. Be sure to list any relevant skills or experience you have. If it seems appropriate, you can attach a resume to your application as well. If a number of people apply for the same job, it is important to set yourself apart and to demonstrate that you will do a good job if you are hired.


In the interview, it is equally important to appear professional and polite. Always be on time for an interview, as timeliness is important for any business. Ask questions to show your interest in the business, but demonstrate that you know the duties of a supermarket cashier. For example, on a daily basis, a supermarket cashier will need to interact with multiple customers, provide customer service, accept multiple forms of payment including cash, checks, and credit cards, provide correct change, and check prices on items, among other responsibilities.

To become a supermarket cashier, most stores require their employees to be at least 16 years of age. In addition, teenagers under the age of 18 will typically need to get a working permit from the school they attend, and follow any rules set forth there as to the amount of hours that can be worked. It is beneficial to have some experience working in a retail environment before trying to become a supermarket cashier, but it is not always necessary. Those who begin working as supermarket cashiers will often be eventually promoted to the customer service department, and eventually to a supervisory or management position.


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