How do I Become a Strength Trainer?

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There are many types of athletic trainers. Strength trainers focus on helping clients increase their strength, whether their reason for doing so is to improve their performance in a sport, to build muscle mass or simply as a part of a general fitness program. To become a strength trainer, you must learn all about strength training and gain some preliminary experience, and you might need to receive a valid certification.

Education is an important first step if you want to become a strength trainer. Depending on the type of work you are seeking, obtaining a bachelor's degree in a related field might be a prerequisite to working in the field of strength training. Beyond a bachelor's degree, the standard strength training program might include basic principles and types of strength training, resistance training studies, nutrition studies to target specific needs and advanced training techniques. Applying this knowledge to the real world requires a strong understanding of the field and hands-on experience.

In order to become a strength trainer, you also must gain some significant practical experience. It might be helpful to volunteer for an internship or apply to be a graduate assistant with a focus on strength training. This can help you become a strength trainer because of the opportunity to work with experienced professionals in a real-world setting. A well-educated strength trainer with no real experience might have trouble finding work, even if he or she has received certification.


Receiving a strength training certification can be an important step if you want to become a strength trainer. Even if a certification is not required to work as a strength trainer in your area, a certification can give you credibility as a strength trainer. To receive a strength training certification, you will need to meet the requirements of specific certification programs, which might include getting additional education and passing a test. There are a many organizations that represent the professionals involved in all sorts of athletic training, so it is important to know which organizations are considered the most legitimate. If you don't know where to start, visit local gyms and talk to local strength trainers about certifications.


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