How Do I Become a Strategy Consultant?

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Many employers hire a strategy consultant when they need a fresh and innovative viewpoint on their operational processes. People who choose to become a strategy consultant should keep in mind that most businesses only hire this type of consultant on a temporary basis. A strategy consultant is usually a self-employed contractor or part of a management consultant company. In order to become a strategy consultant, you must meet post-secondary educational requirements, gain experience, and possess certain skills, as well as obtaining certification.

You will find it beneficial to determine whether you prefer to work within a private or public sector, as this will help you to identify what educational requirements you need to meet. Most public sector businesses will require you to hold a bachelor’s degree in order to become a strategy consultant, whereas most private sector businesses will require a master’s degree. Most times, no matter what type of degree you hold, it should be in a business administration related field.

While you complete your educational requirements, this is the best time to obtain experience as a strategy consultant. Many students choose to obtain internships, which can help to prepare them to take on a full-time consulting job once they graduate. In addition to gaining valuable experience in the field during an internship, you will also be able to sharpen your communication skills, which is vital in becoming a strategy consultant.


In addition to communication skills, you should also possess superb writing, multimedia, and collaboration skills. Writing and multimedia skills are needed to effectively create presentations, company memos, and more, as much of your work will be completed on computers and via the Internet. You will most likely discover that you must collaborate extensively during both your educational years and after graduating, as they enable you to define key objectives, assess your client’s existing circumstances, and to provide innovative solutions.

Even after you become a strategy consultant, you will find that many employers will prefer for you to hold certification. In the United States, you can obtain a Certified Management Consultant certification through the Institute of Management Consultants USA (IMC USA). This type of certification is provided on three different levels to qualified applicants who pass an exam based on the IMC USA's code of ethics and an interview.


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