How do I Become a Store Detective?

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Store detectives are security experts who ensure the safety of workers and customers, prevent thefts, and investigate acts of vandalism. They frequently perform store walk-throughs and monitor surveillance equipment to deter suspicious activity. In the event of a crime, the detective is responsible for apprehending suspects and helping police gather information. There are no set educational or training requirements to become a store detective, but an individual can improve his or her chances of finding work by gaining experience in related jobs. In addition, a person who wants to become a store detective should create and distribute a very professional resume that emphasizes relevant skills.

Employers typically prefer to hire store detectives who have prior work experience. An individual can prepare to take on the duties of a store detective by working as a security guard in other settings, such as concerts and public events. He or she can learn what to look for in terms of suspicious or unsafe activity and develop quick thinking and problem solving skills. Since many store detectives interact with customers on a daily basis, professional experience in customer service and retail can be very helpful in landing a job.


A person who wants to become a store detective should put together a resume that includes contact information, job experience, skills, and personal traits. A hopeful store detective should be sure to emphasize communication skills, familiarity with computers, and work ethic. Many popular word processing programs and Internet sites offer free templates to help people design attractive, properly-formatted resumes. If an individual needs extra help building a resume, he or she can contact a professional resume writing service to ensure a high-quality final product.

Internet and newspaper job searches can help a person identify openings in his or her area. Most large department stores and retail chains hire their own detectives, while many smaller stores contract with professional security firms. An individual who wants to become a store detective should submit as many resumes and applications as possible to maximize the chance of landing interviews and job offers. In addition, it is usually worthwhile to fill out applications at stores that are not actively hiring. When a position becomes available at such a store, the employer is likely to contact those who have already submitted applications before placing public advertisements.

If a person is able to land an interview, he or she should dress professionally and prepare to answer questions about previous work experience and personal skills. Employers are usually impressed when interviewees are confident, well-spoken, and honest. Making a strong impression can allow an individual to become a store detective and begin an exciting, important career.


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