How Do I Become a Stevedore?

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There are no specific educational requirements for someone who wants to become a stevedore. Companies that hire stevedores, also known as dockers and longshoremen, typically require that they are physically able to lift heavy items. In addition, in order to become a stevedore, you will likely need a current driver's license and be at least 18 years of age. Some companies also require that longshoremen have experience driving commercial trucks and vehicles or operating lifting equipment. You can be a stevedore by applying for jobs for stevedores online or in person.

If you want to become a stevedore, job listing websites are a good place to start. Use search terms like "stevedores," "longshoreman," or "docker" to find stevedore job listings online. You can also create an account on job search websites. Make sure to indicate that you are actively looking to become a stevedore in your online resume.

You can also apply in person to be a stevedore. If your town has a port, drive down to the port and visit cargo companies and warehouses in the area to request a job application. If the port is large, find phone numbers for cargo companies at the port online or in the phone book and call to ask where to apply for a job as a longshoreman.


When you apply for the docker position, make sure to complete the entire job application. Include any details about your past experience moving or lifting boxes, packages, or cargo. If you have experience operating heavy equipment or if you have a commercial driver's license, make sure to include this information on the application. Provide names of references, including phone numbers, for past employers on your application to become a stevedore. Longshoremen often work late hours or on weekends, so make sure to indicate if you are available to work on-call and on the weekends on your application.

When you interview for a docker position, discuss your work experience in detail during the interview. Explain what role you held in related jobs and how your work experience will benefit you in your role as a stevedore. Express your willingness to work odd hours or weekend shifts, to lift heavy equipment and to work outside in bad weather. Since dockers occasionally have to crawl into small spaces or into cargo holds, make sure that the interviewer knows this won't be a problem for you. Follow-up after the interview to thank the interviewer for taking the time to interview you and to let him or her know that you still want to become a stevedore.


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