How Do I Become a Spinning® Instructor?

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Spinning® is a trademarked type of indoor cycling with a very specific training program. This program, called the Spinning® Instructor Orientation, is mandatory for teachers who wish to provide courses under this trademarked name. Additional training might be valuable when trying to become a Spinning® instructor, although it is not strictly required. Continuing education programs are also available, as are license renewal services. Obtaining a Spinning® instructor's license is all that is required to provide this type of class, but actually achieving employment can be easier when the teacher has more than one skill.

In order to become a Spinning® instructor, you need to first establish yourself as a healthy and active individual. Leading a Spinning® class can be a high-intensity workout and instructors must be able to complete several of these classes every week in order to make a living. Being athletic is not necessarily a prerequisite, but it is important to be able to exercise consistently at the levels you would need for teaching.

Once a foundation of good health has been established, the next step needed to become a Spinning® instructor is to attend the official training program. This workshop includes the latest information about Spinning® as well as support materials to help with designing appropriate classes. In theory, a person who completes this orientation has all that he or she needs to become a Spinning® instructor. Unfortunately, this is not always true in practice.


Spinning® is an activity that requires equipment, so most instructors will need to work with a gym or other exercise facility in order to provide classes. This often means marketing services directly to gyms and finding locations that are interested in providing indoor cycling classes. To make a living as a Spinning® instructor, you will almost certainly need to either work as a general fitness instructor for the gym or provide classes at more than one location. Being a fitness instructor is often like running a small business in that you are responsible for finding ongoing employment and selling your services.

While it might seem like the best career choice in indoor cycling is to become a Spinning® instructor, there are alternatives as well. Other indoor cycling programs might one day be more popular, and a general certification in indoor cycling could be more flexible. Even so, there are definite advantages to being associated with this particular trademarked exercise program. Additionally, the skills learned in Spinning® training will be applicable to many other types of exercise and fitness work, so it may be worthwhile to invest in this program whether or not it has longevity.


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