How do I Become a Software Analyst?

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There are four steps required to become a software analyst: post-secondary education, computer software work experience, apply for a job as a software analyst, and complete the job interview process. A computer software analyst is responsible for reviewing specifications, testing programs, working with programmers and developers, and writing documentation. As a software analyst, it is important to understand your role in the software development process. The programmers and developers create the software code or programming to meet their understanding of the user requirements. It is the responsibility of the software analyst to ensure the work product meets those needs, test the product quality, and explain the functionality to the users.

People who are detail oriented, focused and enjoy working with computers find this type of career rewarding. There is a certain level of people interaction, but the majority of the work is independent and can be quite solitary. One of the most common tests to identify a good software analyst is to assign a complex puzzle. People who enjoy a challenge and have a knack for solving the puzzle are naturally inclined to be analysts.


The first requirement to become a software analyst is to obtain a post-secondary education. There is no specific degree or diploma program in software analysis, instead, most candidates complete a degree in computer science, computer programming, or math. It is important to note that the most prestigious companies will ask for a copy of your transcript to review the marks achieved in the senior analysis classes.

Work experience as a software analyst can include volunteer opportunities or internships arranged through your college or university. Another popular method of gaining work experience is to develop your own computer software. A small project will be fine, but the ability to take a project from concept to completion provides valuable insight into the tasks of a programmer and the common issues with functionality, user interfaces, and other items that will need to be reviewed as a software analyst.

Take the time to proofread your resume and cover letter, double checking for any grammar or spelling mistakes when applying to become a software analyst. Attention to detail, focus, and quality output are all part of this job, and a resume with errors indicates sloppiness. Invest the time to research the company and try to tailor your cover letter to address specific items in the job posting.

During the job interview process, to become a software analyst, be prepared for a software analyst test. This test is usually to review a fairly simple program, determine what's working or not working and recommend corrections. The skills being tested include analysis, troubleshooting, use of appropriate terminology, and the application of industry standard quality tests.


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