How Do I Become a Site Safety Manager?

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The requirements to become a site safety manager typically include a college degree and professional certification. Also known as occupational health and safety specialists, those who want to work in this field must have knowledge of fundamental safety procedures in the workplace. Education and training requirements are different for each region or employer and most typically require some formal training. Site safety managers must create safety policy that assures compliance with company and government regulations. To ensure knowledge of the vast number of safety and government regulations, employers may require specific certifications for anyone who wants to become a site safety manager.

The education requirements to become a site safety manager may differ for each employer, so be sure to check the specific education or training required by the companies or organizations for which you would like to work. A high school diploma is necessary for those pursuing a position in this field. Typical college courses necessary for this degree often include hazardous materials handling, fire safety, and construction site protection. Other advanced courses in the field include studies in basic safety training, industrial hygiene, occupational safety, and worker's compensation. Some larger cities may offer specific training for individuals who want to become a site safety manager in that specific city.


In today's safety-conscious environment, many industries may be under close scrutiny by more than just one governmental authority or regulatory agency. This makes the job of site safety manager a critical part of any construction project or manufacturing facility. The site safety manager should be able to design and implement the specific safety policies and regulations that are intended to cut down on the number of accidents and injuries that can occur in a workplace. This requires a thorough understanding of company safety policies as well as local and regional government safety regulations. Someone who wants to become a site safety manager must be able to implement and enforce safety procedures and policies in accordance with these regulations.

If you want to become a site safety manager, you will likely need to be certified by an organization like the Board of Certified Safety Professionals (BCSP) as a Certified Safety Professional (CSP). Requirements for this certification may require a bachelor's degree in any field, or an associate's degree in health, safety, or the environment. Several years previous experience in professional safety and passing both a safety fundamentals exam and a comprehensive practice exam may also be required. Employers in the U.S. may require some construction site safety managers to become authorized trainers for the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). Other requirements for the OSHA certification include five years on-the-job experience in construction, a college degree in occupational and safety health and CSP or Certified Industrial Hygienist credentials.


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